Human Rights & Human Obligations



The human contract is modern leadership for citizens. As humans we have both rights and responsibilities. The human contract is about to be accountable as a human.

The human contract are seven principles of human dignity. It’s based on United Nations Universal declaration of human rights, but in an interpersonal perspective.

Our responsibilities are modern leadership. The contract is for you – to sign for yourself by yourself and for the world. Sign up on our newsletter and follow our inspiring journey for a thriving global humanity.

``Maria has the unusual capacity to inspire and motivate people from all walks of life, by brilliantly linking psychological dimensions of the human condition to current corporate, social and political challenges and opportunities.``

Magnus Magnusson

Director of partnerships and outreach at UNESCO Social and human science sector

``Maria Dolores is a strong and principled person with a deep sense of inclusive justice and dignity for all. The Human Contract is about deepening governance, improving civil courage and ensuring dignity for all at three significant levels; personal, interpersonal and universal.``

Síle Ui Shiaraín

Talkshow host Whole and one VoiceAmerica

About Maria Dolores

I help enterprises and organisations to understand, implement and embody global principles for sustainable development, so that they can support an experience of human dignity on their workplaces among their employees.